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Syndicat des AOC olive et huile d'olive de Nîmes

Accueil / PDO Olive Oil from Nîmes in the South of France – a guarantee of authentic tradition and quality.

The beneficial effects of the various Mediterranean diets have been known for centuries and the bible refers frequently to this subject. The diet consists in eating on a regular or daily basis certain foods. Among them are fresh fruit and vegetables, goat’s cheese (better than milk from cows) fish and other seafood, chicken, but only occasionally and rarely a small quantity of red meat (more lamb than beef.)
Olive oil, herbs, garlic and a regular and reasonable consumption of wine accompany all of this. “Drink moderately, drink regularly and drink for a long time” are among the well-known expressions in the region. All around the Mediterranean, the results of this have been a longer life expectancy and fewer heart attacks from less stress and lower cholesterol. The agreeable climate no doubt helps, but other regions and countries of the world also have Mediterranean type climates and do not see the same spectacular medical results.
Of course there are some local differences between the Mediterranean regions and countries themselves, but the basic features and ways of eating remain the same. The famous Crete diet is one example of this, cancer and heart diseases are lower than elsewhere and a large percentage of the population live until a ripe old age accompanied with a good quality of life. Regular consumption of olive oil is part of this way of eating and living.
The PDO label guarantees rigorous quality controls to ensure that olive oil from Nîmes is among the best. The PDO(Protection Designation of Origine) exists for other products such as wine or cheese and certifies both the geographical origin and the method of production. The Nîmes region climate is known as being generally arid and windy. The result is late maturing olives in this local climate that give a subtle and strong red fruit aroma observed when transformed into olive oil. These flavours and aromas blend perfectly with a wide variety of foods from around the Mediterranean or elsewhere in the world.
The method of pressing the green olives and extracting the oil is entirely carried out in a traditional way by artisans and respects all the traditions of this product. Those working in the sector have a real passion for their trade, a passion cultivated over generations, frequently among members of the same family. Only producers respecting completely these methods can belong to the Nîmes Olive Oil fraternity and those who are members are regularly controlled.
An additional guarantee of quality comes from the public authorities, both in the city and department around Nîmes and especially from the regional authority of Languedoc-Roussillon. This regional institution has created the ‘Sud de France’ label for the olive oil as well as for the famous tapenade, made from crushed black or green olives, garlic, anchovies, capers and herbs. There are the olives themselves with the PDO guarantee and some of the PDO wine from the region has had a worldwide reputation for years.
Whatever you choose, quality is at the heart of the whole range of these products. Olive oil, olives and tapenade can be supplied in the quantities and combinations that you require. Attractive packaging makes these products ideal to give as gifts as well as protecting the products during the transport.

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